Christoph von Oldershausen


Servus & Moin, I’m Christoph. As a native of Schleswig-Holstein, I was drawn to the south back in 2008. I studied sports science and psychology in Munich and have become at home here (at the latest with the founding of my own family).

As a co-founder of movement24, I have been involved from the very beginning. In addition to my role as managing director, my focus is on consulting on various CHM topics, the development of company-specific health concepts as well as our offers on the topic of healthy leadership.


What do I enjoy most about my role as Managing Director? Definitely the joint development with the company, the entire team and our clients. Discovering new topics, overcoming challenges together, formulating visions and being able to accompany our clients for many years - these are the things that drive me every day.

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movement24 GmbH
Corporate health management

Location Munich
Luisenstraße 62
80798 München

Phone: +49 89 927 799 29

Location Düsseldorf
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