Fiona Schneider


Hello, I am Fiona. I have a great sports passion: volleyball. Whether beach or indoor, I can often be found on or off the field. I’ve been playing in “my” club since “E-youth” and have been coaching one of our teams for a few years. In the process, I’ve noticed again and again that it’s not just the number of ball contacts that matters. It’s about training properly, eating well and being mentally fit. That’s what got me excited and led me to my studies in the field of sports science.

Why CHM? I want to work preventively and help people to integrate health into their (working) everyday life in a sustainable way. At movement24, we have the opportunity to always develop ourselves. I have been working in projectmanagement since 2018 and am now also responsible for productmanagement. I also enjoy working together with our Business Development department to create the foundations for the continuous development of our company.


The great thing about us is that we can achieve anything together as a team!

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Corporate health management

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