Those of you who have known us for a while know that we have been dealing with mental health topics for quite some time and that this has developed into a separate specialist department.

But at some point we started to wonder – was that it? Have we already covered all the facets we can and want to cover? Have we not overlooked some people – in our immediate environment, perhaps even ourselves?

Over and over again, in various conversations in the professional and private context, there were points of contact and lines of thought that did not end with prevention, but also took mental illness into account.
All these points of contact made us more sensitive and encouraged us to think more holistically – in line with our first corporate value:

CREATE. We create health holistically and think ahead – dynamically, soundly, close to everyday life.

In the next step, we were shocked to discover that the majority of those affected do not seek help and that this makes their condition even worse. We had to realize that studies indicate how affected persons are rejected in the professional environment, although they are capable and working has a significant stabilizing effect.
We asked ourselves WHY the topic of mental illness is given so little space and it quickly became clear:
Taboos and stigmas must first be cleared up. Because without talking about mental illness and without knowing more about the background, it is hardly possible to change anything.

And we want to change something!


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