Marie Matzig


Hello, I’m Marie, born in 1999 and a real Münchner Kindl – even though I haven’t (yet) progressed beyond “Bavarian for beginners”. I completed my B. Sc. at the Justus Liebig University in Gießen, but I don’t know Hessian either. I’ve been working at movement24 since the end of 2021, and so far I’m getting along very well with German, English and French, just like in the rest of my life.

Oh yes: sport is my thing. There is no sport that I don’t enjoy – even if I’m honestly a loser in ball sports. My star sign is Taurus, and if you believe colleagues, friends and family, I am indeed friendly and honest. Taurus is also associated with the attributes of being calm, reliable and methodical. You can say what you like about astrology: In the field of project management, I can really use these attributions! Taurus are loners, but I certainly can’t say that about myself.


I love the work and the team, because I know I can always rely on my colleagues and ask questions (in whatever language:)).

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