Philipp Heß


Hi, I’m Philipp.
To the question “What do you want to become when you grow up?” my answer was always: As long as it’s something with physical activity!
I like trying things out in my private life: Half marathon, football, volleyball, weight lifting, triathlon, heptathlon, obstacle courses or hiking in the mountains. Recently, I also started taking my little daughter with me, who has proved to be the perfect travel companion and extra weight.

After my Master’s degree in sports science, I was able to gain experience in a sports medicine practice and an institute for performance diagnostics. In 2016, I then had the chance to get involved in the topic of CHM at movement24 – in retrospect, the best professional decision I could have made.
Here I work in projectmanagement and am responsible for the specialist department of physical activity. In addition to consulting and implementing various clients and projects, it is simply wonderful to work with people on their goals and support them in doing so.


At movement24, I can develop personally, take on responsibility and exchange ideas with a diverse and great team every day.

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