Mona Maria Winkler


Salut, I am Mona. How people experience the world, learn, feel and develop has fascinated me ever since I can remember. It quickly became clear to me that psychological health is not a matter of course for many! This also gave birth to my desire to pass on my life-affirming, compassionate and solution-oriented way of life to other people.

After studying psychology, I first worked independently with patients and clients until my path led me to movement24 in 2020. Tackling health together as a team and on all levels, long before therapy is necessary, really appealed to me. Since then I have been working for movement24 as an external seminar leader and coach in the field of mental health.


And I have to say that I have experienced many corporate cultures from the perspective of individual employees, but rarely one as appreciative, empowering and agile as at movement24! It is a real pleasure for me to be part of this team and to help shape the future of corporate health management.

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